Monday, December 14, 2009

Boy or Girl?

So it's been just a little while since I posted (so much so that my blog is still decorated for Halloween). Lizard started walking about a month back and that is where my time has gone. Oh my gosh is she a climber! Noodle was never like that, never. I will post more about the last month later, though.

My real reason for writing tonight??? We had our ultrasound today. And today we found out we are having a boy! While this wasn't exciting news at first (to me and noodle, that is. husband was thrilled right away) it's very exciting now. My initial reaction was similar to that of when I found out I was pregnant, minus the tears. Noodle flat out told the tech that she wanted a girl baby.

Once we got home and showed my Dad the pictures Noodle told him that we could keep the baby outside :) All we could do was laugh. Once I composed myself I knelt down to her level and told her that it really will be okay having a boy (i even believed it myself! i was so convincing). I also reassured her that she would still have Lizard. And that, I believe, was her turning point. It was almost like she forgot she has her sister.

Not to cut this too short, but it's almost midnight here and I'm very tired. Sweet dreams to you all and I'll try to get you all caught up throughtout the week (and probably next week).