Monday, December 14, 2009

Boy or Girl?

So it's been just a little while since I posted (so much so that my blog is still decorated for Halloween). Lizard started walking about a month back and that is where my time has gone. Oh my gosh is she a climber! Noodle was never like that, never. I will post more about the last month later, though.

My real reason for writing tonight??? We had our ultrasound today. And today we found out we are having a boy! While this wasn't exciting news at first (to me and noodle, that is. husband was thrilled right away) it's very exciting now. My initial reaction was similar to that of when I found out I was pregnant, minus the tears. Noodle flat out told the tech that she wanted a girl baby.

Once we got home and showed my Dad the pictures Noodle told him that we could keep the baby outside :) All we could do was laugh. Once I composed myself I knelt down to her level and told her that it really will be okay having a boy (i even believed it myself! i was so convincing). I also reassured her that she would still have Lizard. And that, I believe, was her turning point. It was almost like she forgot she has her sister.

Not to cut this too short, but it's almost midnight here and I'm very tired. Sweet dreams to you all and I'll try to get you all caught up throughtout the week (and probably next week).

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Happy 1st Birthday?

Friday morning started off with the girls and I heading over to pick up Grammy and make our way to Costco to get some odds and ends for Lizard's birthday party Saturday. And while we were getting ready that morning Husband calls and tells me that he doesn't feel good, he has a fever and the chills and he thinks he's getting the flu.

Jump ahead to that evening when Husband calls again and says, just for good measure, he's going to go to the convenience center and get checked out and make sure it's just the good ole fashioned flu because by that point he was coughing pretty bad, on top of everything else, and it was making him really dizzy. The doctor checks him out and says, 'yep, you have the flu'. Well no shit. But was it the regular flu or H1N1? Because Husband does not fall into any catagory of being considered high risk they didn't test to find out. Ok. But, Husband failed to mention to the doctor that he has a pregnant wife and two kids ages three and under and do we need to be concerned about getting sick. So I had to call the convenience center and talk to the nurse. Her recommendation was that it wouldn't be a bad idea for us to keep our distance. Otherwise, use common sense and wash your hands often, cough and sneeze into your arm, blah, blah, blah. So the girls and I ended up having a sleep over at Grammy and Poppa's that night.

The next day was Lizard's big party day. Or what should have been her big party day. Husband, obviously, wasn't able to be there. My Grandma called that morning and my Grandpa was sick so they wouldn't be able to make it. Cousin called shortly after (or before, i don't remember now) and she had had a fever the last couple days and her youngest was coughing pretty good so they wouldn't be able to make it. My other Grandpa wasn't feeling great so he laid down to take a nap and woke up at 6:30 so he wasn't able to make it. None of Husband's family showed up except his parents. And even then they totally bailed after about an hour. And while Lizard did not know the difference it really bummed me out.

The girls and I stayed at my parent's house one more night. Mainly because it was late by the time we finished cleaning up and the girls were tired and ready for bed. Noodle fell asleep on the couch around 8 and my youngest sister played with Lizard while I got ready for bed. Around 9:00 or so Noodle woke up with a fever and shortly after that Lizard threw up her cake all over me. The next morning everyone was fine and we headed for home.

Two o'clock Monday morning roles around and Noodle wakes up with a fever. At 3:00 Lizard woke up with the same fever. They were both back to sleep within an hour or so and woke at a more suitable time feeling just fine. No fevers, nothing. By bedtime that night Noodle's fever was back and stayed for the next 24 hours.

All of this being said I had nothing for my baby girl on her actual birthday, which is today. She had no presents to open from us. We didn't do anything fun or special to celebrate. It was like any other day. And it broke my heart because while she won't remember it, I will. Being she doesn't have any concept of today being her actual birthdate maybe we'll do something fun this weekend when everyone is 100%. That's my plan anyways.

Happy 1st Birthday, babygirl! Mommy loves you so much.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Things Kids Say Thursdays

We had a very busy and eventful week. So, unfortunately I didn't write all of Noodle's quotes down, but I did remember my two favorites.

This first quote requires a back story first. We have been having some pooping issues at our house (she doesn't want to go on the toilet all of a sudden. so were doing pull ups for the time being). So my Mom made a deal with her that if she starts pooping on the potty again she will buy her the Little People Nativity set (last Christmas all she wanted to do was play with my Mom's good Nativity set. And, obviously, she couldn't do that). That being said, we were at my Aunt's wake Sunday evening and Noodle and my Grandma went for a little walk around the funeral home. And on their walk they came across a picture of Mary and Jesus. This prompted a conversation about who they were and a few other things. A little later I'm talking to my Grandma and she tells me that Noodle told her 'I have Jesus on my underwear.' I had a little explaining to do.

As we were making the rounds before we left the wake Noodle noticed my Aunt Lil (the one who passed away). She wanted to go see her so my Mom took her up there. She looked her over and commented on her jewelry and lipstick and whispers to Mom, 'Don't scream. You'll wake her up.'

My favorite one of the week was just a couple days ago. Twin sister stopped over to borrow some nail polish and as she was walking to her car Noodle stood in the doorway yelling, 'Hey, come back here! I need to tell you something!' She yelled this a few times so Twin sister came back and stood on the front porch (she didn't come back inside) and asks, 'What did you need to tell me that was so important?' Noodle slams the door in her face and yells, 'Nothing!' Husband and I both thought we were going to pee our pants we were laughing so hard.

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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Things Kids Say Thursdays

Last Friday afternoon my Mom and sister babysat so I could run and get Husband an anniversary present. Once I got home and settled in Mom and sister packed up and were getting ready to leave when Noodle asked Grammy to beep four times (she's very particular these days) before she drove away. Their conversation went something like this...

Grammy: 'OK, look out the window and I'll beep for you.'

Noodle: (standing in the doorway) 'Beep four times, Gramma!'

Grammy: 'OK, close the door. It's cold outside.'

Noodle: (still standing in the doorway) 'Beep four times, Gramma!'

Grammy: 'OK! Close the door!'

Noodle: 'Beep four times you two faced son of a jackal!'

By that point Mom was already in her car and didn't hear Noodle say this, but I made sure to call and tell her right away :)

Last night at dinner we were all sitting down and I realized I forgot to get the girls their drinks. So I get up and refill sippy cups and Husband took Noodle's to hand it to her. Well, he failed to realize that she had gotten up and was standing next to him, but behind him a little bit waiting for me to hand her the sippy cup. He didn't see her and turns to give her her drink and elbows her smack dab in the middle of her forehead. It very obviously hurt (there was a nice red bump front and center) so he apologized. However, that wasn't enough for her and she hit him back. At this point I intervened and explained to her that Husband hitting her was an accident and he said he was sorry so she needed to let it go. This evidently was not an acceptable answer to her so she turned to Husband and tells him, 'Go to work Dad. Just go to work.' And went back to eating her dinner.

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Friday, October 9, 2009

Five Years

Today, Husband and I are celebrating our 5 year anniversary. We aren't the same people we were then.

But, I wouldn't trade who we are now or how far we've come.
Happy Anniversary to the best Husband in the world :)

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Things Kids Say Thursdays

I happened to stumble upon this at Mud Pies for Mommy while checking out all of the You Captures this morning and thought it was a great idea! The idea being that you simply keep track of the funny things your kids say throughout the week and share with others. So here is my favorite Noodle quote of the week...

We were driving home from the grocery store Tuesday afternoon and we just made the turn onto our street when I hear Noodle (age 3) tell Lizard (11 months), 'It's ok sweety, I'll keep you safe from rhinos, IIII promise.' And if you ask me that's a promise I think she'll be able to keep :)

You Capture. Red.

For You Capture this week the theme was red. And while I had every intention of getting some beautiful red fall pictures that just didn't happen. So I settled for the next best thing and went for the yummy tomatoes from my Mom's garden that are sitting on my kitchen table. This picture was taken at the beginning of the week and the bowl of tomatoes looks nothing like this now (it's actually pretty empty). Head over to Beth's and see all the red you can handle :)