Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Things Kids Say Thursdays

Last Friday afternoon my Mom and sister babysat so I could run and get Husband an anniversary present. Once I got home and settled in Mom and sister packed up and were getting ready to leave when Noodle asked Grammy to beep four times (she's very particular these days) before she drove away. Their conversation went something like this...

Grammy: 'OK, look out the window and I'll beep for you.'

Noodle: (standing in the doorway) 'Beep four times, Gramma!'

Grammy: 'OK, close the door. It's cold outside.'

Noodle: (still standing in the doorway) 'Beep four times, Gramma!'

Grammy: 'OK! Close the door!'

Noodle: 'Beep four times you two faced son of a jackal!'

By that point Mom was already in her car and didn't hear Noodle say this, but I made sure to call and tell her right away :)

Last night at dinner we were all sitting down and I realized I forgot to get the girls their drinks. So I get up and refill sippy cups and Husband took Noodle's to hand it to her. Well, he failed to realize that she had gotten up and was standing next to him, but behind him a little bit waiting for me to hand her the sippy cup. He didn't see her and turns to give her her drink and elbows her smack dab in the middle of her forehead. It very obviously hurt (there was a nice red bump front and center) so he apologized. However, that wasn't enough for her and she hit him back. At this point I intervened and explained to her that Husband hitting her was an accident and he said he was sorry so she needed to let it go. This evidently was not an acceptable answer to her so she turned to Husband and tells him, 'Go to work Dad. Just go to work.' And went back to eating her dinner.

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  1. That is so funny your girls sound like a lot of fun! I love them both and laughed out loud at Starbucks and got some looks!

    Thank you for linking up, I cannot wait to read the things your kids say next week!!

  2. I really loved your post. Noodle sounds like a riot!

  3. It's good to know I'm not the only two faced son of a jackal.

  4. It sounds like you have a very precocious little darling... brilliant, beautiful and with a mind of her own! I love reading Things Kids Say because kids certainly lay it all right out there!!

  5. Oh, I also meant to comment to your comment on my recent post about my husband, Barry. He DID actually do stand-in work for Dustin Hoffman on a film Dustin shot in Rhode Island back in 1995. Ever since The Graduate came out in 1968, people have been telling my husband that he looks like Dustin Hoffman. People have actually followed my family around places like New York City, Los Angeles, Disney World, Cape Cod etc. asking for autographs. So when Dustin was scheduled to begin shooting a film in RI, our daughter Audrey asked if we could take her to the location for her birthday to see if Dad really did look THAT much like Dustin Hoffman. (Audrey is now 31!) We DID take Audrey and our other daughter Jane to the location on the day they began filming... and the director came across the street to where we were standing to get Dustin away from the crowds. Well, it was my HUSBAND. The director was so taken by the startling resemblance that he asked if Barry could do stand-in work for Dustin since his regular stand-in couldn't make it to RI for 8 weeks. The rest is history. Barry worked every day with Dustin for 8 weeks... and the director gave Barry a couple of scenes with far-away shots. Dustin was WONDERFUL to Barry and he had my family come on set many times (it was summer). He even bought Barry a director's chair for Father's Day that year! Barry has been asked to do more work for him but it was all in California and Barry cannot be away from our family printing business for 2-4 months at a time. It was a great experience and we met so many wonderful people who we've kept in touch with. The director even let me audition for a part in another of his movies... and I shot for 3 days... but the story line was cut and my scene was part of that story line. I DID get to be an extra in the film Me, Myself & Irene (also shott in RI) and I worked for 3 days in scenes with Jim Carey. He was wonderful... he stopped all the time to sign autographs for kids... and he treated the extras with great respect. Not all celebrities are like that. SOOO... Barry still does look like Dustin Hoffman and every single day someone tells him that... and we still get followed around when we are somewhere that people expect celebrities to be. Last weekend in NYC someone asked Barry is he was Dustin Hoffman... !!

  6. I almost spit out my drink at her jackal line :)

  7. Love your blog and it sounds like my house. I forgot to get the girls something to drink, so I had to get back up. My food is usually cold by the time I get sit down. Oh well, what we do for our kids huh?

  8. Too funny! We need to get her and Luke together--he says the craziest things, too!