Thursday, October 22, 2009

Things Kids Say Thursdays

We had a very busy and eventful week. So, unfortunately I didn't write all of Noodle's quotes down, but I did remember my two favorites.

This first quote requires a back story first. We have been having some pooping issues at our house (she doesn't want to go on the toilet all of a sudden. so were doing pull ups for the time being). So my Mom made a deal with her that if she starts pooping on the potty again she will buy her the Little People Nativity set (last Christmas all she wanted to do was play with my Mom's good Nativity set. And, obviously, she couldn't do that). That being said, we were at my Aunt's wake Sunday evening and Noodle and my Grandma went for a little walk around the funeral home. And on their walk they came across a picture of Mary and Jesus. This prompted a conversation about who they were and a few other things. A little later I'm talking to my Grandma and she tells me that Noodle told her 'I have Jesus on my underwear.' I had a little explaining to do.

As we were making the rounds before we left the wake Noodle noticed my Aunt Lil (the one who passed away). She wanted to go see her so my Mom took her up there. She looked her over and commented on her jewelry and lipstick and whispers to Mom, 'Don't scream. You'll wake her up.'

My favorite one of the week was just a couple days ago. Twin sister stopped over to borrow some nail polish and as she was walking to her car Noodle stood in the doorway yelling, 'Hey, come back here! I need to tell you something!' She yelled this a few times so Twin sister came back and stood on the front porch (she didn't come back inside) and asks, 'What did you need to tell me that was so important?' Noodle slams the door in her face and yells, 'Nothing!' Husband and I both thought we were going to pee our pants we were laughing so hard.

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  1. She is so funny. I love the one about Jesus on her underwear. Love it. Thanks for linking up again! Cannot wait to read next week!

  2. She really is a trip!! Love her so much.

  3. Ha ha...Jesus on my underwear! Love it!

  4. I adore all she says! I really need to start keeping track of the silliness that Luke says, too.