Saturday, April 4, 2009

Catching Up

Boy have we been busy! So busy that I can barely remember what has even happened. I think I mostly feel that way because husband has been working anywhere from 12 to 14 hour days (good for the checking account, bad for my sanity). So it's been the girls and me all day, everyday. My saving grace is that Noodle has officialy accepted Lizard as her buddy. They are so sweet together now. Noodle plays with her when she's in her exersaucer and keeps her company when she's just chillin' on the floor with some toys. It's been wonderful! It's made my life easier anyways. Today, especially, Noodle had Lizard laughing so hard when she was in her high chair. We were all cracking up.

Noodle has been on a big kick saying she wants to go to school. Now, she has no idea what that even means. But, she does know her favorite cousin goes to school so it must be something fantastic. When she brings it up I tell her that's great she wants to go, but, she can't wear diapers there and she has to listen to the teacher (aka, Grammy). She changes her mind very quickly once that is said. As far as potty training goes she has been wearing big girl pants but has yet to go potty on the big girl potty again. It'll happen when she's ready I suppose. When she does have to go she just tells me she wants her diaper back on. So atleast she knows when she has to go. It's a start anyways.

Lizard has been such a blessing to us. She has the biggest, happiest smile you've ever seen on a baby. I started vegetables and cereal with her a couple weeks ago and she loves them! It's so fun to see her personality develop these days. Being home with her full time I get to see so much. I worked part time with Noodle because, financially, it was a necessity. So being home this time around I cherish it sooo much more.

The only other exciting news is my new kitchen floor was put in this past Tuesday. Husband has a friend who has redone his entire house from top to bottom all by himself. And he was wonderful enough to help us out (i love husband but he's not very handy). He's going to come back on Monday and put up the baseboards. It will be nice to get my kitchen table and chairs out of my living room! That pretty much sums up our last couple of weeks. Busy, but no complaints :)


  1. Glad your back. You forgot about the potty seat story. I think that should be a post of it's own with pictures.

  2. Good call, I can't believe I forgot about that!