Thursday, July 23, 2009

Catching Up

Oh, where to begin??? It's been about a million years since I actually wrote something. Ok, so that might be a small exaggeration, but you know what I mean. June got off to a very rough start. On June 1st, our Grandpa John passed away after suffering from Alzheimer's. It was bittersweet because he had been sick for so long, but it was hard to let him go all the same. And then on June 15th husband's Grandma (Dad's mom) also passed away. She had congestive heart failure and had had more frequent issues with it in the last six months. She was 96 and had mentioned before that she was ready whenever He was. So in both cases it was a blessing. A positive spin on Grandma Rose's passing was that all of husband's siblings (6 to be exact) were able to be there and then stayed for a long weekend. We hadn't seen his brother Bill in over three years or his sister Lisa (my favorite sister-in-law) in almost a year. So, in spite of everything, we ended up having a fun weekend.

On a positive note Noodle is completely potty trained!!!!!! Back in fall I had bought a seat to go on the big potty (I think the little potties are disgusting). And then Lizzy was born and that went to hell. After her third birthday it was time to hit it full force. Well she wanted nothing to do with it. So we went to Target and I let her pick out her own seat (thinking she would pick Dora or Disney Princesses or something along those lines). Can you guess what she picked? She wanted the little potty that played music when she sat on it :) Go figure. Within a few hours of us getting home and getting the potty out of its box she had to pee. And wouldn't you know, she went on the big girl potty. It was a nice reminder that I need to let go and let God way more than I have been and that things can't be my way all the time. There were a few accidents the first week, but it didn't take more than that. As far as pooping, she went for the first time when Husband and I were out to dinner. Mom called and let Noodle tell me all about it. And her exact words were, 'I just pooped a little. I'll poop big later.' She is nothing if not honest. And with that there were some set backs as well. The final draw with that was a week and a half ago when I called her into the family room from her bedroom and she tells me, 'Don't check my underwear, Mom.' To remedy this we printed up 'Noodle's Poop Chart'. She has three stickers to go (out of ten) and then when all ten stickers are on her chart we are going to take her to Toys 'r Us and she gets to pick out any toy she wants. I'm slightly dredding this trip. As of right now she is saying she wants a new baby doll. I think, though, once she sees all the toys she can choose from she might change her mind.

Lizard is growing by leaps and bounds. She will be nine months old on Tuesday. How in the hell did that happen?! She is crawling (quickly) all over the place and is pulling herself up on anything she can get a grip on. She is growing way too fast and I don't like it one little bit. What are you going to do, though?

Lastly, Husband turns 30 at the end of August. I have been planning his surprise party for a few months now and it is finally coming up next weekend. I am getting really excited! I've received many RSVP's this week and I am going to run to my in-laws this weekend to rummage through some baby pictures. I am going to have an embarassing banner made :) Not too embarassing, though. I'll give you more party details (and pictures) once it's all said and done. Well I think that is enough catching up for one post. Have a great weekend everybody!


  1. Oh my goodness you've been busy! So sorry to hear about your lost loved ones, but it sounds like they're both in a better place. Congratulations on the potty training! We're trying to get there as well... And yes, the second ones get big way faster than the first! :)

  2. i'm so happy that you are capturing all of noodles excellent one-liners on your blog - she is sooo funny!

    and, cannot wait for the surprise party :) it's really like right around the corner isn't it?? let me know what you need help with!!!!

  3. Sorry about your losses. I guess it's a part of life but hard to accept sometimes. YAY for the potty training. My Abby is fulling trained now too. She loves wearing big girl panties. They started out with a sticker chart too, which was a big hit. Your babies are growing so fast and as cute as can be. How exciting planning a surprise party. It's a lot of work but worth it. Enjoy your weekend.

  4. Baby number two grows faster because she has to keep up with baby number 1! (Who I hopes picks a pony for her toy. That would rock! Then I can ride, too.)

  5. I'm so jealous over the potty training! :) Sounds like a cool surprise party! Want to see pics of it!

  6. There has been a lot going on. Those girls get cuter every day and they are the lights of my life. Can't wait for the party. It's going to be a blast. Love you!