Thursday, July 30, 2009

You Capture. Friends.

This is my Godbaby and Noodle. They have been buds since the day Noodle was born.

I took this one of us on the Tilt A Whirl at the fair just a few days ago. Not too shabby, eh? These are my sisters-in-law. It's impossible to get a group picture in Husband's family and have everyone with their eyes open. That would be too easy :)

And, finally, these are two of my sisters and my "big sister" (also Godbaby's mommy).

These are some of my favorite people in the whole world. See everyone else's favorite people over at I Should Bd Folding Laundry.


  1. You have good friends. Great captures. Love you!

  2. Love the shot at the fair... Frame worthy for sure!

  3. the little girls have a sweet smile! may i know why Noodle is named Noodle? just wondering.