Thursday, August 20, 2009

The little tornado that was...

So in our little town last night a tornado paid us a visit. Where our house is you would never have guess that any of this happened (and we're only 10 blocks out from this picture!). It rained heavily and then at 7:32 p.m. the National Weather Service flashed an emergency message on the television screen saying that a storm with strong rotation would be in our town by 7:35 (not enough time to get to mom and dad's; ya know, because they have a basement). So I round up my troops to get to our bedroom closet, but by the time I got them the storm had already passed us. Thank goodness, right? Then our power went out, came back on, went back out, came back on, went back out...and stayed out. I packed up the diaper bag to go to Grammy's (figuring they had power) and we were on our way. As we got closer to town (which, again, is only 10 blocks) Husband and I realized that a big storm did indeed go through town. As we got even closer into town we realized that it was, indeed, a tornado. Trees were down (some uproooted)everywhere, power lines were down, and firetrucks and police cars were driving around with their sirens blaring. At the local middle school the roof was taken off the south end and almost all of the windows were shattered. Mom and I went out early this morning and took lots of pictures before they started closing roads. These ones are from when little sister and I went out. It was quite a sight. The girls and I ended up staying at my parent's house that night. It helped to keep Noodle's mind off the fact that she couldn't watch a movie. But, Husband went home to sleep because he had to work this morning and all of his work stuff was at home (with the entire town out of power, 8800 people to be exact, I didn't feel the need to be driving around and trying to get into my house in the unbelievable darkness. It was freaky how dark it was outside!). Mom will have more details on her blog because she saw the actual cyclone above her house! Freaky deaky. I'm hoping our first tornado experience is also our last.
Check out Bacardi Mama to see more pictures (i'm not sure when she'll have her post up. you might have to check back later. her pictures will be worth it).


  1. Yep. We had no clue at all that anything had happened until Mom called to check on us. We just got a little rain and a little wind. And we're like a mile from "home." Craziness.

  2. Oh, my. I'm so glad all of you are safe. SO glad. I saw all the pictures your mom posted, and all I can say is WOW. I have tears in my eyes thinking of all the people affected having to pick up the pieces of their lives. So sad.

  3. I was real happy to see you and the girls afterwards. When I was putting mom and dad's windows up, I saw the neighbor's tree fall on the fence right in front of me - plus the winds were so strong I couldn't even close the window. Luckily it didn't break!